Thursday, 29 April 2010

Feeling stronger and fitter all the time

It was just after Easter weekend when I last updated my blog. I've had some busy weeks at work and I kept thinking... i'll update it tomorrow and never did! I plan to update it more regularly now. I've made some great progress since Easter stepping up my training each week. Since I decided to give the running another ago 7 weeks ago my weekly mileage has progressed as follows:

8th-14th March - 45.5 miles
15th - 21st March - 53 miles
22nd - 28th March - 50 miles (+60 bike)
29th-4th April - 59 miles
5th-11th April - 66 miles (+30 bike)
12th-18th April - 57 miles (+45 bike)
19th-25th April - 64 miles (+ 70 bike)

It has been steady progress and now I am feeling stronger the plan is to up it to 70-75 miles over the next 3 weeks. I think I am now in around 30:45 10k shape and the next goal is Bristol in 10 days time where I hope to run close to 30:30. This would set me up well to have a go at 30:15 or so at the Manchester 10k the following week.

Here is a summary of last weeks training:

Monday 19th - 10 miles including 30 min tempo run at 5:08's with group at Sale. Great.
Tuesday 20th - 14 miles 1hr38 from Colne inbetween work appointments.
Wednesday 21st - 70 miles bike followed by 6 mile run. A big evenings training!
Thursday 22nd - 11 miles including 6 by 3:30 with 90 rest on grass on own.
Friday 23rd- 8 miles 56 mins.
Saturday 24th - Rest day
Sunday 25th - 15 miles 1hr42 with matt Bond.

Total - 64 miles + 70 bike

Next race - Northern League Division 3 this Saturday (usually quit a poor standard). Bristol 10km and Manchester 10km are more important the following 2 weeks.

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